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Precision Agriculture (PA)

Food Security + Precision Farming

There are more humans alive on Earth right now than ever before—7.3 billion—and that number is still growing, with UN projections that it will reach 9.7 billion by 2050.

A population of this magnitude brings a lot of challenges, food production chief among them.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that we need to boost worldwide food production by 70 percent over the next several decades in order to feed the anticipated population of 2050.

Pulling up production to that degree isn’t easy, but the engineers and farmers of today are working together to create a technological solution: precision farming and the “smart farm.”


The high level of awareness is not only focused on agricultural sustainability and continuity, but also ensuring food security.


Early Detection and Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis

One of the most useful tasks of Heron v2018 is remote monitoring and analysis of fields and crops. 

Imagine the benefits of using a small robots, also during the night 24/7 instead of a team of workers spending hours on their feet or in a vehicle travelling back and forth across the field to visually check crop conditions. 

This is where the connected value chain is essential, as all this data needs to be seen and needs accessible to be useful.

Farmers can analysis and review the data on a dashboard through a tablet or smartphone, and only make personal trips out into the fields when there is a specific issue that needs their attention, without hanging around and guessing where to go, avoiding wasting time.


Precision Farming

Precision agriculture (PA) or precision farming, is a modern farming management concept using digital techniques to monitor and optimise agricultural production processes.

Rather than applying the same amount of fertilisers over an entire agricultural field, Precision Agricolture (PA) will measure variations (through sensors) in conditions within a field and adapt its fertilising accordingly, assessing the needs and conditions of individual crops and optimising on a target per-crop basis.

In the field it is very common that the production is not homogeneous, there are zones where the production is higher and less productive ones. This inconsistence in the production may depend on various causes, even by an incorrect application of the fertilizer or a bad seeding process and other variable factors not detected and not measured.

Sensor Kit for UV Leaf Detection


This sensor kit will measure the state of art of the health of leafs through a high precision measurement technique, using High Definition Ultra Violet camera sensors. These sensors are placed on top of "Heron v2018". All the data collected will be sent through 5G to a cloud computing platform and then visualized on a dashboard to be easily viewed by operators and farmers.

All the data collected can be stored at the on a cloud computing platform.

Imaging techniques and the early detection of plant stress


Thermography allows the visualization of differences on leafs in surface temperature by detecting emitted infrared radiation [long-wave infrared (8–14 mm)]. Computer software transforms these radiation data into thermal images in which temperature levels are indicated by a false-colour gradient.Once all images are acquired, these are compared to the updated online cloud computing platform. Through a matching system, if their are similarities with the online database, a full report is automatically generated for instant use. Only early detection of plant desease or stress, can play a big role in precision farming.

And obviously "Heron v2018" seems to be the right player to win the game.

ROI - Return on Investment

The capital expenses to start are around $25,000 Canadian dollars  per robot,

plus the necessary imaging, spraying equipment and sensor package kits available.


But there is an option to activate the "Robot as Service Programme" where you can rent the robot for 3 months or even more.


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