Harbour Port Inspection

Harbour Port Inspection

Port Inspection Specialist

Port Inspection Specialist are trained for monitoring,

surveys and inspections, primarily for the purpose of port security.

Port security is one aspect of every Maritime Coastal Operations conducted to ensure the maritime security of the nation.

Port Inspection Specialists often work in conjunction with naval port security teams to provide skill sets

in support of the safety of the nation's numerous ports, harbours and waterways.

Working environment

Port Inspection Specialist experience the unique adventures and challenges that come with working in a harbour port environment.

The work often involves confined areas and hazardous situations.

Furthermore "Dry dock surveys or intermediate surveys/ inspections" are more extensive and intensive.


Mobile Robot

Sometimes it seems to be easier than ever , to simply use also  a remotely controlled robot .

Tanker and Gas industry owing to hazardous nature of cargoes they handle are often subjected to Terminal Safety Inspections.
A terminal safety manager or representative visits the ship and ascertains safe operations as per terminal requirements.

With mobile robots following designed paths in certain safe areas, many common tasks can be accelerated in any kind of weather.

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