Energy Power Plant Inspection

Energy Power Plant Inspection

It is well known that, as an essential part of modern power systems and future smart grid, the safe and stable operation of the substation equipment plays a very important role in the entire power system. And substation equipment inspection is an important means for operation and maintenance, which can ensure the secure working of the electric grid, improve power grid to run economically and afford good service for user.

There are two common methods of power equipment inspection, which are foot patrol and inspection by mobile robot.


Foot Patrol
In the foot patrol inspection, usually a team of two people traverse the substation along the scheduled route and inspect the power equipment such as transformer, circuit breaker, load switch, generatrix, current transformer, voltage transformer and so on. This kind of inspection is slow, tedious, monotonous and subjective so that even larger faults can sometimes be neglected.


In order to improve the reliability, safety and intelligence of power substation and accelerate the realization of unattended substation, the problem of automated inspection of power substation equipment has become an important issue of the electric power industry at home and abroad .



With the development of robot technology and visual inspection systems which are carried out with the help of sensors
and sometimes with Infrared Ray(IR) and corona detection cameras, an available solution is to develop autonomous mobile robots,
and then develop an automatic inspection approach that would be more accurate, less expensive and at least as fast as foot patrol inspection.

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