Dam Security and Deformation Survey

Dam Security and Deformation Survey

Safety of dams is a major concern for both inhabitants and authorities.

Monitoring plays an essential role in evaluating the safety condition of dams and should be part of any surveillance program, which should be established since the design phase and carried out during the whole life of every particular dam.

The observations are essentially discrete, and are usually complemented with a visual inspection that provides an overall picture of the dam status and behaviour.

Recent developments in vision image sensor and laser scanning technologies provided new terrestrial multi-sensor systems.

Mobile remotely controlled robot

Heron 2018 uses an automated data collection and processing mobile system.

Because of the size of this robot, this solution can be implemented in any dam.

Therefore, Heron is designed to carry out the measurements and data processing in a fully automatic way, with updated point coordinates delivered to the system operator after each measurement cycle.

Monitoring activities are related mainly with safety but also with the collection of valuable data to enhance the
understanding of the behaviour of these structures. In this case we are talking about "Big Data" .

Monitoring a dam involves several activities, namely: design of the monitoring plan, installation of monitoring devices, reading those devices at some pre-established frequencies, conversion of measurements to meaningful engineering quantities, interpretation of these quantities, comparison with models, dam (visual) inspection and issuing a safety report. A monitoring plan should define which observable quantities are needed and which devices should be installed to measure those quantities.

One of these mobile automated devices to be considered is for sure the new "Heron v2018".

Furthermore, the plan should establish the location of the devices, their measuring procedures and monitoring frequencies depending on the age of the dam, extreme events, height, external actions, etc..

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