A revolutionary concept for the Smart City of the 21st century.

Today, thousands of sensors are being connected to each other (IoT) on consumer products, building systems, vehicles, public transportation and every day more and more devices are being installed at every corner of our cities.

Mobile portable robots (sensor embedded), are emerging as inevitable part of both connected intelligence and digital ecosystem of the Smart City, whether it is smart home, smart office, smart public place, smart hospitals, smart shopping malls, smart museums or smart parks.
Such robots can become key factors of this digital revolution because they do not require any kind of fixed timeconsuming and expensive installations on walls, sidewalks or roofs. They simply can walk on or around them.

"We think sensors should go mobile"

Our robot can carry all kind of sensors.

We designed "Heron v2018", the first special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the Smart City

built to carry all kind of sensors (sensor embedded) .

Heron will be able to collect and transmit all kind of data in real time through 5G .

Heron is the first robot ready to "live" inside the new digital architecture of

"Internet of Things-IOT" and "5G" sensor environment of a "Smart City".

"Robots should be connected to Smart Cities

to elevate the quality of life and experience of the citizens of the 21st century."


What we do ?

[Design + Automation + Robotics]   for the Smart City.

Smart cities require smart robots

Robots will be a critical enabler of the rise of hyper-connected smart cities. In countries facing aging populations and urban regeneration, their rise could come sooner than you think.


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A Smart City focuses on its citizens and the human
infrastructure they create being key actors of city making processes with a special attention on
service design, development and delivery.


We design online platforms for the digital ecosystem of the Smart City.

These user centric interfaces will enhance situational awareness and operational efficiency all through a single, intuitive dashboard.


So whether you are a city planner, a facility manager, or an enterprise leader, our team can help your city or organisation to embrace the digital revolution, and strive towards a smarter, safer, and greener future.


User Friendly

We design and build robots easy to use with a low and short learning curve.


You can select many different "Sensor Kit Packages" .

Each kit can be used in minutes on our robot.

Looks awesome

Our robots look always in shape and are wonderful to watch because they have been designed with a touch of glamour and sensuality.


All the data collected by the sensors of the robot are uploaded to the "Cloud" or to your online account.

The proliferation of smart city policies worldwide in recent years has seen digital infrastructure, urban data and software design play increasingly central roles in the contemporary governance of the city.

Only with the aggregation of structured information from multiple sources, will allow city planners take meaningful actions and control their Smart City Solutions.

Real time data collection, processing and "Live" visualization on dashboards.

Collect, visualize and store data in scalable and fault-tolerant way. Visualize your data with full screen responsive dashboards. Share dashboards with your customers or team.

What is a Real Time Dashboard ?

A real time dashboard is a dashboard that contains visualizations that are automatically updated with the most current data available. These data visualizations offer a combination of historic data and real-time information that is useful for identifying emerging trends and monitoring efficiency. Real time dashboards usually contain data that is time-sensitive.


"Smart Cities for Smart Citizens"


We have a passion for solving real-world problems with smart high tech solutions, ranging from prototyping to production.


In any type of research that needs to interact with a "Digital Transformation", hardware and software has always been the historical bottlenecks.

ES Design is changing this.

Our modular system reduces hardware and software development time.


The ELearning  platform enables not only students, but also an extended audience, to start with a simple project and build upon it.

From End Users to Power Users.


ES Design provides professional development training opportunities to Governments at all levels.

Training courses are presented as basic, intermediate or advanced.

Online and Onsite.


Top Best Practices

A Smart City automated parking solution.


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